Mercedes will integrate "autopilot" in its next-generation S-Class cars

    Mercedes is currently testing its own robotic car control system, which may well be called "autopilot" and compete with Google-cars and robotic cars of other companies. Mercedes representatives have already reported that the automated systems have been successfully tested, showing excellent results in normal driving, including acceleration, braking and steering wheel control.

    The tests also included potentially emergency situations, including emergency braking in front of an obstacle (for example, a car that suddenly changes course). In addition, testing passes and the function of overtaking on the road without the participation of the driver. "Autopilot" from Mercedes is able to monitor the lane of movement, plus control the car in traffic.

    As for highways, the system has shown successful results up to speeds of 200 kilometers per hour (linear speed without crossing lanes). In the future, Mercedes plans to add the ability to change lanes on the autobahns, for the corresponding speeds. The company compares its automatic car control system with the autopilot of an aircraft, which can perform a number of routine operations when moving from point A to point B without the participation of a human pilot.

    Despite the fact that Mercedes plans to create a fully automatic control system, the driver will not be able to drive, leaning back and throwing his hands behind his head. By law (at least the United States), the driver must keep at least one hand on the steering wheel. However, such a system can really greatly simplify the life of the driver, as well as make the ride safer.

    Via theverge + cnet

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