Cat moving in time and space

    One of the best theories of antimatter is the same substance, but with the opposite vector of motion in time. When the antiparticle and particle meet and annihilate, it is not the disappearance of the particle. This is a twist . Such a circumstance will allow us to conduct a very interesting thought experiment.

    And now I’ll tell you a story.

    In a laboratory on the outskirts of Geneva, during an experiment on the synthesis of antimatter, scientists accidentally created a cat and an anticote.

    Antikota was left in a magnetic trap at a temperature close to absolute zero, and the cat, after the examination received the nickname "Basil" by the inscription on the collar, began to live in the laboratory at full board as a favorite.

    A magnetic trap with an anticot was loaded onto a truck and sent to a nearby laboratory for research.

    There the cat was thawed, and they just wanted to start studying how the cat Vasily, the favorite of the scientists there, intervened in the experiment. Vasya got into a trap and annihilated with an anti-cat.

    Now consider the situation from the point of view of the cat.

    Have you already guessed? In the future, the cat annihilated with an anticot. In the past, a cat and an anti-cat were created. Thus, the cat Basil became the world's first chrono-cat, moving back in time and space.

    Which was required to show.

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