saga about 8 rubles

    Matvey Ganapolsky:
    An advertisement of the final program flashed on the screen.
    "In an orphanage, children live on 8 rubles a day."
    And the corresponding picture.
    This is what I want to say.
    All those because of whom in the country in an orphanage children live on 8 rubles a day.
    So you die!

    Let’s say those whose children live on 8 rubles a day die. But where is the guarantee that the like will not come to them tomorrow? No one in this country gives guarantees, not even a guarantor. But I'm sure they will come. and for the children everything will remain in the same place. What is the difference for children, who rules the country, who gives them these unfortunate 8 rubles, who passes laws by which they (children) should live on 8 rubles? This is absolutely not important for children. You can begin to agitate the children that they say Uncle P. is bad and therefore they live so badly, but Uncle X is good, and if they (the children) go out to the rally for Uncle X, then tomorrow everything will be fine. So sometimes they act. And the crowd will scream that it is necessary to catch the perpetrators and punish. They will catch, punish, show, trumpet all the media about the work done and forget it, but the situation will not change.

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