"Termination" of SMS spam

    Nowadays, one of the most popular and convenient ways to pay for mobile services and the Internet are payment terminals that surround us everywhere. A typical model of using the terminal implies a simple sequence of actions in the form of choosing a payment service point and its operator, entering a personal account number, depositing money and confirming the payment itself. Modern, smart and, most importantly, fast. It is precisely on this that their owners play, collecting mobile phone numbers for their legalized spam databases.

    Consider the most popular, in my opinion, QIWI terminals. The payment process is as follows:

    After carrying out these simple actions, a message appears about the successful payment. It comes not for the sake of notifying the user about successful payment, this is usually done by the operator himself, but for the second advertising part of the message. And what is most sad, advertising is not limited to this. After a while, with a frequency of once a month, similar, but already completely advertising messages with, to put it mildly, “poor-quality” advertisements for loans and borrowings, which have their own big pitfalls, come to the number, but this is another story:


    Back to the payment process. In those photos, unfortunately, nothing is said either about my consent to receive advertising messages, or about the tricky offer agreement, which contains the whole essence, and you can read it only by clicking on the “information” button inconspicuous against the general background, or on website (the same “additional information about the payment” in the last photo, which is mentioned upon payment).

    The contract itself consists of two offers and is available at this (1) and this (2) link. What is noteworthy, the first offer was found on a third-party site and is slightly different from that located in the terminal interface itself. You can download the photos of the offer from the terminal from here .

    And although I do not have a law degree, such a scheme seems to me not entirely honest. At the very beginning, I mentioned a typical model of using this “shaitan box”, now try to add a mandatory reading of this agreement to it, similar to installing almost any program. Agree, it looks a bit ridiculous, especially if the line is lined up at the terminal?

    Moreover, according to clause 5.3, they can transfer your “personal data” to certain “third parties” with impunity, and only God knows what they will do with your telephone number. The payment operator, most likely, cannot associate the name with the phone number (unless the mobile operator provides this information) and there are no webcams in the terminals yet, but it’s very unpleasant that without proper notification my number is used for advertising purposes , and somehow "process."

    Well and the most important thing: to unsubscribe from this spam is guaranteed only by phone: 8-800-333-00-59, +7 495 626-52-52 or, according to unofficial information, by writing to help@qiwi.ru.
    Be vigilant and use alternative payment methods!

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