VIZIO. Inexpensive laptop with Full HD IPS screen

    Quick reference:
    VIZIO is a fairly well-known American company. Exists since 2002. It mainly produces LCD TVs and monitors. Recently, attempts have been made to break into the ultrabook and tablet market. The development of devices is made in the USA. At the same time, not only design is developed, but also the internal structure of all equipment and nothing is outsourced to Indians or Chinese. Production facilities are located in Mexico, China and Taiwan. All factories producing machinery are partially or fully owned by VIZIO itself. He is distinguished by an aggressive marketing policy, accuses the world's largest brands of harming the environment, using penny semi-slave labor, and boasts his policy of developing everything to the "last cog" with competent American engineers. There are no plans to enter the Russian market.

    It follows that a simple Russian citizen will have to bear the cost of shipping a rather heavy unit from the United States and the risks associated with Russian post and a guarantee valid only in California to get acquainted with VIZIO equipment.
    Here he is, what kind of himself is all such a typically metallic minimalist American.

    The VIZIO laptops that interest us in this topic are represented by a not-so-rich model range.

    Old ones on Windows 7 and Intel Core i3-i5 processors:
    - CT14 A1-A4 - thin and light (1.54 kg) ultrabooks and laptops with SSD drive and high-quality FullHD TN matrix
    - CT15 A1-A4 - thin and slightly heavier (1.77 kg .) laptops with SSD drive and FullHD IPS matrix
    the filling depends on the number after index A - with an increase from 1 to 4, the processor frequency, the amount of SSD and memory are added.

    Fresh on Windows 8:
    - CT15 A5 on Intel Core i7 - a thin ultrabook weighing 1.77 kg with a 256GB SSD drive, and FullHD IPS matrix
    - CN15 A5 at 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 (but for some reason the processor is 2.3 GHz Apple A4 on Amazon) - A thin Notebook weighing 2.4 kg with a 1TB hard drive, 32GB SSD for the system, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE graphics and FullHD IPS matrix.

    All models with an index of 15 are equipped with the same matte IPS screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Although the screens may be different there, they had the pleasure of touching and comparing the cheapest CT15-A1 with the most expensive CN15-A5, which are nearby, claim that the difference is completely invisible to the eye. It was this screen that became the decisive argument for me in favor of choosing VIZIO, regardless of all the above risks. As a result, in terms of moral satisfaction, I did not lose and absolutely do not regret my choice, which fell on the youngest model CT15-A1 with such a configuration:

    • Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-3317U, 1700 MHz
    • 4 GB DDR3-1333 RAM (Elpida 2 x 2gB dual mode)
    • Toshiba THNSNW128GMCP 128GB SSD
    • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    • Intel HD Graphics 4000 (integrated in processor)
    • Matrix monitor LG LP156WF4-SLB5 / AH-IPS; contrast 400: 1; The number of colors 262K (6-bit); response time 18ms
    • 2 USB3 ports
    • HDMI output
    • Battery Simplo VZ3LS422P 52096 mWh (4 hours on a single charge)
    • No CD-DVD drive and network connector

    Nobody was going to play toys on it, and for the rest of the tasks of the declared configuration, it was enough for the eyes. Although the manufacturer claims 6 hours of battery life, after 3.5-4 hours the indicator blinks in panic already. Only once, when reading a book in a dark room with brightness diminished to a minimum, charging was enough for 4 and a half hours. When viewing FullHD remixes from a home NAS on Wi-Fi, less than 10% remains after an hour and a half.
    But even without looking at the technical specifications, the laptop impresses with its stylishness, screen quality and overall build quality. Even in a quiet room it is not audible - in my standard conditions of use, the fan turns on extremely rarely and not for long (although we'll see what happens in the summer ..). And even if you hold it in your hands, the heating is almost invisible. The keyboard is a little disappointing. As in most modern laptops, it gives the impression of some kind of fragility and is noticeably pressed somewhere down with the buttons pressed. But in principle, you can get used to it, and although it saddens, it doesn’t make you angry. For the Russian letters some Chinese yellow stickers were bought for 50 rubles, which fit perfectly into the overall picture, they do not interfere, do not wear out and until they seem to be about to peel off.

    A dull set of inputs: HDMI + USB3 on one side and charging, USB3 and combined Microphones - on the other The

    bottom surface is completely rubber to the touch, with mysterious screws and a hole with the word Reset Power supply unit with a changeable color of the charging indication Box, profile view Done in China .. Results of the built-in Windows performance rating (index 5.8) CPU-Z Wi-Fi playback of BD-Remux with a bitrate of 38 megabits / s against the background of the task manager (half-megapixel images) Warcraft with high settings - 37 fps in the city, 10 -15 in raid




    There is no built-in CD-DVD drive in the device, but nonetheless, loading from almost any type of flash drive is supported. Some of them are recognized as USB-FDD, some as USB-Stick. The currently connected flash drive is visible in the BIOS and you can switch the boot priority to the desired device. AHCI mode cannot be disabled, which makes it difficult to install Windows XP on a laptop. All boot disks based on XP, which were able to reach (Ruslive, Stea, etc.) did not see the hard drive. Normally, I managed to load the seven and eight figured Live CD images from Xalex rolled onto a USB flash drive.

    At the moment, this model can still be bought on Amazon and e-bay at a price of 510 to 620 dollars.That, together with the predatory interest on foreign exchange transactions with Sberbank ruble cards and the most expensive delivery via Shipito (with all insurance policies, etc.), translates into approximately 22,000 of our domestic rubles. And this is quite comparable to some outbred Chinese-plastic HP with an even worse keyboard and disgusting screen.
    By the way, only it seems to me that laptop manufacturers somehow directly intentionally and every year worsen the quality of screens and assemblies? Moreover, regardless of the price. And my old man - the five-year-old MSI stands out as a bright spot of juiciness of the picture, build quality, viewing angles and keyboard convenience against the background of all these "modern" asuses and azeri.

    The delivery kit includes a power supply with an American cord, which we immediately change to some suitable for 115r , a small English manual and that's it (minimalism). Do not bother with adapters - they spark and generally unreliable thing. The box is good - large, dense, with gaskets made of thick foam rubber and even Russian post it will be difficult to damage it. Well, unless they specifically want this.
    After unpacking and first switching on, the gaze itself sticks to the screen and does not want to stick anymore. This, I tell you brothers, Screen with a capital letter. Not retina, of course, it’s some kind of macbook, but everything else that I had before immediately fell in my personal rating by 92 points out of 100. Although I had to try out a couple of some expensive Sony with something similar in form screen, but I highly doubt that we can find anything like that with a price tag below 50-60 kilo rubles. Viewing angles, dullness, even the background on the desktop, the demons picked up some particularly colorful picture - not otherwise to immediately hit on the spot :)

    In conclusion, I repeat that for me, as a subjective user, I was pleased and what was not.
    So the pros:
    1. Capital letter
    2. price less than 22 thousand rubles, including delivery
    3. appearance, design, build quality
    4. tight box

    And the cons without which nowhere:
    1. the keyboard is not very ..
    2. battery life is not at all amazing ..
    3. virtually no guarantee
    4. prices for heart drugs while waiting to send and read waves of negativity to the Russian postal address

    Conclusion: I recommend to everyone who thinks not to think, and while there is something to eat - you will not regret it.

    PS By the way, it arrived in less than a month, and from this time more than 10 days mumbled somewhere in Belgium. Moreover, through the notorious Vnukovo, it took only 9 days to import. Plus 4 more days for customs processing and delivery by courier in Samara.

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