Unity3d stops supporting Flash

    The Unity team made a difficult decision to abandon Flash. As a result, the sale of licenses for this platform is stopped, support remains for 4.x.

    The following reasons are indicated:

    • There is no certainty that Adobe will develop Flash. This is evidenced by the cancellation of the development of Flash Player Next , the instability of the latest builds, the transfer of Adobe employees from Flash Player to other projects. *
    • The credibility of both the developers and the Unity team to Flash has been undermined due to the introduction, and after the cancellation of the revenue sharing model ( Stage3D + FastMemory ). From now on, the platform can no longer be considered reliable and constantly evolving.
    • Developers are gradually moving away from Flash, while Unity Web Player has seen unprecedented growth in recent months.

    * Apparently, the transition of Thimault Imbert flash timlid to the development of the Web Platform is meant.

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