Beeline has come up with a new way to write off money for SMS

    Beeline has changed the way messages are charged at many prepaid and postpaid tariffs, not only for Moscow , but also for other regions. Now, instead of the fixed cost of each SMS, a new scheme is used: the first SMS per day costs 10 rubles (for Moscow subscribers), then 100 messages are provided for free, and each next SMS costs 2 rubles. About whether the new payment scheme is applied only when sending messages to local numbers or to any Beeline numbers, the press service replied that only to local ones.

    The innovations did not affect tariffs for modems and tablets, as well as the All-Inclusive line, but each region has its own exceptions. Among the “lucky ones” were subscribers of fresh tariff plans, for example, “Zero Doubts”, “Simple”, “World Beeline 2013”, “Welcome 2013”, and in Tver new conditions apply generally to all prepaid tariffs.

    For those who do not agree with the new payment system, Beeline has prudently introduced the option “SMS without borders”, on which each message costs 1 ruble, but there is still no description of this service and how to connect it on the site.

    In fact, Beeline imposed a service with a monthly fee, although formally it only changed the system of tariffing messages. , which activates 100 messages to local numbers for 7 rubles per day. But here, there was a catch:  Beeline raised the cost of another similar SMS Mania service .

    It is also alarming that the cost of the first message in the new tariffing scheme on the site was not indicated for 10 days, as it should be, but appeared only after the editorial office contacted the Beeline Moscow press service with a corresponding question. 

    The new Beeline rates in the regions for the first SMS vary from 6 rubles for subscribers of Nizhny Novgorod and up to 8 rubles for subscribers of Tver , Belgorod , Voronezh .

    For subscribers who send SMS rarely, but a lot of benefit is obvious, since on average now one message to the numbers of local operators costs 2.5-3 rubles. Subscribers who send only a couple of messages a day every day, but will have to give more than 300 rubles a month for them, are in a completely different situation. 

    Recently, Beeline made it a rule to offer services "with load." For example, in the option for international roaming  SuperVise, the first minute of outgoing or incoming per day costs 60 rubles, the next 20 minutes are not charged, and then each minute of calls costs 3 rubles. The same thing with the option "Planet Zero" : as soon as the subscriber answers the incoming call, 19 rubles are debited from him,

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