Esboza - online vector editor & framework (Part Two)

    This is a continuation of the previous article . When I wrote the first article about “Esboza” my head was spinning - “Almost everything is ready, there’s a little bit of any garbage in the details”. Three years have passed. Now in my head - “Now almost everything is ready for sure!”.

    A few examples for seed.

    Application Icons from iOS7

    I wrote this post because I want to discuss with you the purpose of the service and the pattern of its use. At first, as often happens, I did the project simply because I liked the process itself, it pinned it, just for fun, etc. Now that there are miles of code behind me, I don’t quite realize what happened. Now I will describe the functionality: you go to the site, log in, create a document in lx, draw an icon for example, export it to png or svg, you can also print it, you can send a link to the document to your colleagues, you can discuss and like each document, you can fork any document. Now the most interesting question is, does anyone need such a service? If, yes, then please share your thoughts in the comments or suggest your use case.

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