CodingDead - Ruby / Rails / Javascript Community Events, Technologies, and News

    A little over a year ago, we launched a Google+ thread on Ruby / Rails. Despite various reviews in the spirit of “let's advertise Vkontakte groups here” and a modest +1 post, more than 500 developers have joined the community and to this day receive (more or less regularly) news, links and thought-provoking.

    And this is wonderful, because everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain interest in your own project. Especially as disinterested as CodingDead (we changed the name because we often started posting outside the framework of Ruby / Rails)

    Therefore, today, as a belated gift to ourselves, we want to expand the format by organizing a weekly CodingDead newsletter, which will include not only links, but also, hopefully, some analytics of the events that occurred during the week in the Ruby / Rails / Node / Javascript communities (we hope to get to the screencasts as well). Revolutions, scandals, investigations.

    Welcome and have a nice weekend!

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