Effective online store. Instagram as a tool to increase sales

The business community and millions of marketers are coming up with new and new ways of interacting with potential customers using social networks. Another very interesting case is the use of Instagram as a tool to create a huge audience of brand fans.

The online online store of women's clothing BlackMilk offers its customers to take their own photo in clothes purchased in this store and post it on Instagram with a hashtag of a certain kind.

As a result, after pre-moderation, photos of girls go directly to this page of the online store catalog.
For customers, this is a great opportunity to brag to girlfriends on the website of the online store, well, the store solves its problems - increases sales and keeps its audience, minimally making contact with it.

The result of applying this functionality is simply stunning!

The number of subscribers to the store on Instagram 428,271 people.
The number of subscribers to Facebook = 474,893, discuss 57,126. The

example perfectly illustrates the possibilities of targeted and ultra-efficient application of social services. networks in e-commerce.

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