Distance course on Unity and Modo from render.ru

    How to learn to use Unity and how to start making games? In fact, we rarely hear this question. More often, we hear something like the following: “Hi, I’m 14 years old and I want to do MMOs with Unity. How?!".
    And you know, we answer ...

    At the same time, game developers with more tangible ambitions, I would suggest referring to the new section on Unity's website - Unity Learn . He is being watched and actively developed by a wonderful team led by bestselling author Will Goldstone.

    And most importantly, we do our best to support educational initiatives based on Unity. Therefore, we are pleased to present - Distance course "Interactive character (Unity + Modo)" from render.ru

    The distance learning center Render.ru invites everyone who wants to learn how to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks of creating three-dimensional graphics for interactive applications to the new distance course "Interactive Character" (Unity + Modo). The course will examine all the nuances of a productive pipeline according to the “From and To” principle - from zero to the completed demo interactive application. Step by step, repeating all the stages of developing an interactive character, you can reproduce this process to solve other problems associated with the development of three-dimensional graphics for interactive applications. A combination of Luxology Modo and Unity packages, the two most popular packages among professional game developers, will allow you to fully master this area.

    Beginning of training on a pilot course on April 15, 2013, duration 1 month, tuition 12,000 rubles.
    You can find out more about how the training goes and what is needed in order to enroll in the course here .

    Now we are actively working on an educational program and are glad about the counter initiatives of our partners.

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