ASP.NET MVC. Lesson 0. Introduction

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I am writing sites on mvc. In these 16 chapters, I want to tell you how I do it. This is a kind of textbook-reference book of all the knowledge that I have accumulated over three years.

Why exactly mvc

ASP.NET MVC I love because:
  • This is .net. I know .net and C #.
  • This is compiled code.
  • These are not ASP.NET WebForms, I work with html code.
  • The MVC pattern is used.
  • Visual Studio is the most popular development tool that has IntelliSense .
  • Great debugging tools.

All this allows me to quickly and competently develop applications. The main thing is fast.

For work, we need

  1. Visual Studio 2012 with installed mvc 4 ( )
  2. MS SQL Server for working with the database ( )
  3. Ability to work with Mercurial or Git ( )
  4. C # Knowledge

Table of contents

All sources are located at

PS: I want to thank vechernamore and her husband ilyuxa and Sasha Pushkin for proofreading. - link to the Word file with all the lessons.

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