Bitcoin: now $ 100 each (not April 1st), and Avalon

    Remember the good old days when Bitcoin cost $ 30 a piece ( it was just a month ago )?
    All this is in the past. The exchange rate has become three-digit, i.e. exceeded $ 100 for 1 BTC .

    The monthly trading volume - exceeds $ 150 million, and the money supply - for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion.

    The complexity of mining (the selection of SHA256 hashes necessary for making payments in the system - for which a part of the bitcoin emission is supposed) has sharply increased over the past month - as customers finally began to receive specialized computers manufactured by Avalon with processors sharpened specifically for the calculation of SHA256. Butterfly labelsfor the time being, she could not create such a system, although she promised deliveries 7 months ago and still accepts pre-orders.

    Under the cut - a few photos of the miner from Avalon.

    Specialized bitcoin-computer (miner) Avalon

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    What will happen to bitcoins, and how much will they cost in a year?

    • 26.8% Bitcoin is worth nothing, because for him there is no real economy is about to collapse, and will be sold as dirt, for 0.1-1 $ 1317
    • 8.8% 5-10 $ 432
    • 8.2% $ 100, as of now 405
    • 10.8% 500 $ 531
    • 2.2% 5000 $ 110
    • 1.7% 50,000 $ 86
    • 13.3% The course will grow unlimited, as the volume of the mass of bitcoins is fixed, and dollars are waiting for hyperinflation 655
    • 15.3% Force majeure will happen that will kill Bitcoin (control / sharing of the Internet, repression, world nuclear war) 754
    • 12.3% It will be "broken" through super-avalons, capturing more than 50% of the computing power of 607

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