"Information Architecture": mitap in OZON


    We celebrate the World Information Architecture Day with the first mitap on how to build information and documentation inside a digital product so that the team and users are not painfully and incomprehensible. We meet on February 26 with us.

    We will be interested in everything: analysts, designers and interface designers, product and project managers, technical writers and developers.


    "What is Information Architecture", Lara Simonova, information architect of Christie's, co-founder of Channelkit
    - Information design allows you to study the subject from a certain angle and tell people about it. At the same time, the product you are designing can be any one - from the home library, your own schedule and team processes to databases, web tools and applications.

    “Information Architecture in Documentation”, Maria Smirnova, Technical Writers Group Leader, OZON:
    - The task of the documentation is to solve the user's task and help him understand how everything in the product works. Information architecture helps to organize the documentation so that a person can find the right answer without any extra effort.

    “Information Architecture in Products”, Sergey Podshivalin, CPO Movista:
    - While you are not able to make an IA, your product does not make sense.

    “Information Architecture in Projects”, Pavel Aksyonov, head of PMO, OZON:
    - Project management is working with information. Let's talk about its types and how to process the data so that the project is completed on time and with the desired result.

    We will talk about tea after the conference on how to restore order in your project and restore order. Prepared in advance and sudden questions are welcome.

    Very soon we will announce a contest and a lottery with prizes. By the way, for the prizes, thanks to the Publisher Bureau Gorbunov , Rosenfeld Media , Axure RP ,Proto.io and other equally favorite partners.

    To come, you need to register here . And here is the answer to the first question: the broadcast will be. But better come - on February 26 to the OZON office)

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