Adblock now works independently of Google Play

    Not so long ago, Google removed the AdBlock ad blocker from its application catalog. In general, this news upset many users of the application, since it is really useful in some situations. It is clear that we should expect the appearance of an independent distribution of this program, which would work outside the Google Play environment. And it happened - the developers released the version of Adblock Plus 1.1 for Android, which now works autonomously.

    Download the new version here . The new version AdBlock also receives updates automatically as soon as they appear on the developer's server. So you do not need to download a new version of the program yourself each time.

    Of course, not everyone likes this kind of program - after all, a very large number of applications are designed specifically for advertising revenue. AdBlock, quite possibly, is the reason for some decrease in income of Android software developers. But each user of Android smartphones and tablets is now free to decide for himself whether to install an ad blocker or not.

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