Bartendro on Kickstarter: Robot Bartender on Raspberry Pi

    Who would refuse an open source bartender robot on a Raspberry Pi controlled via a smartphone or tablet? While not abandoned 385 people who donated $ 162,470 to the campaign Bartendro on Kickstarter. The project aimed to receive $ 135,000, so we can say it has already taken place.

    So what can Bartendro do? The authors describe it as “the most accurate robot for mixing cocktails,” the founder says that he “knows how to make equally tasty drinks quickly and without errors”. Plus, it is portable, so you can take it with you to parties - the assembly takes 5 minutes.

    A small server on the Raspberry Pi is the center of the system, it controls up to 15 dispensers (this is the name of the pump with the Arduino-based control electronics connected to the server) connected to the right bottles, mixing the right cocktails. Orders are entered via WiFi using a smartphone or tablet. From it, the robot is administered - recipes are introduced, calibration is carried out, and ingredients are managed. There are also reports - how many cocktails are made and how many drinks are consumed.

    All code is open on Github .

    The creator of Bartendro believes that in the future it will be possible to connect the robot with Microsoft Kinect for accepting orders, a credit card reader for instant payment, social networks or a drink prediction system that you may like. In general, that's why he made it Open Source - so that people would develop the capabilities of Bartendro.

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