Alternative petition to defend Google Reader: CrowdFunding!

    Dear friends!
    I’m in a hurry to share an alternative proposal in defense of Google Reader.
    As you know, after Google announced the closure of Reader, supporters of the latter made several petitions, which tens of thousands of users have already subscribed to.
    Petition 1.
    Petition 2.
    I signed up for both, but!
    You need to understand that in these petitions we ask Google to continue to spend a certain amount (I think seven-figure per year) on:
    1. the content of the developers and the application support group (separately web, separately mobile, etc.);
    2. a piece of cloud storage of user databases and part of the data center capacities (hosting, etc.);
    3. Well, the project team itself, where without it ...

    In general, there is a suspicion that petitions with requests to continue spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on us just like that will be ignored. From a business point of view, in an era of total economy and crisis, Reader is not interesting, it does not pay dividends.

    The following proposition naturally follows from this.
    Let's make a new petition - with a request to sell Reader, or to compensate part of its content at our expense.

    Let's offer Google crowdfunding!

    For example, I do not mind spending on Reader 100p. in year. or even more.
    And judging by the number of petitions already signed, there will be 45-50 people who are also unlikely to refuse to pay a small amount to save their usual morning coffee for the usual news feed.
    Let's try!

    You can vote for crowdfunding for Google Reader here.

    Petition Translation:

    Dear Google,
    we don’t want to ask why you decided to close Reader. You probably had a reason. Most likely financial, associated with supporting an application that does not bring tangible profits.
    But thousands of people open Reader every morning to find out what is happening in the World, to broaden their horizons, to get information on their interests - to become smarter. We humans do this to become smarter, to make smarter the people around us. And this is the main purpose of Man - knowledge and perfection, mercy and love. an educated person is strong with these qualities, and this is his main weapon. To one day come to work on Google X and create a new unique product for people that will make them even smarter, stronger, happier.
    And you can not find a better application than Reader, with the same functional, convenient and minimalistic interface.

    So, we do not want to know the reasons why you close Reader.

    We ask you to sell us our favorite application.
    Or let us compensate you for his future work and support.
    We love you, Google, and want to help you.
    Tell us the price.

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