Testing cars with paintball, drones and a lunapark, pah, a big hangar

    No, dear% username, you were not mistaken. This is really a hubr. And this topic is perfectly suited to the topic. Just let me explain everything.

    Below is the best video I've seen this week. True true. Audi UK team test two new RS 4 Avant. And not an ordinary test, but a real duel on big paintball guns (at the bottom there is a picture, and the video will be under the cut).

    But we, of course, are not interested in this (although this is also whom I am deceiving). The trick is that the operators refused cranes when filming top views. Instead, cameras were mounted on mobile drones.

    And here we come to a new interesting trend in the shooting of amateur video. You must admit that the use of a light drone or a controlled ATV while shooting an extreme sport (and not only sports, it’s just the most obvious example) is becoming a reality. Moreover, affordable reality. And without risk to the life and health of the operator.

    Well, the second why I wanted to post this video on a hub: for me, this video is very motivating. See how creative you can get to the normal and streamlined testing process. In any industry.

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