The future of mobile social networks

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Most recently, we talked about the problems that cause a lot of trouble to mobile social networks. These include location, marketing strategy, and compatibility issues. Our readers also expressed their thoughts on compatibility and GPS. No network is perfect so far, and in this article we will try to review the key players in this field of activity.


We already wrote about Brighkite , and in our reviewThis service has received the highest rating. Brightkite allows users to see where their friends are currently located. And since GPS is not required for this, users can notify the server of their whereabouts by means of SMS messages or emails. All this is necessary for updating the user profile: changing the icon, notes, etc. Filling in the necessary fields for identification (necessary to prevent any kind of intrusion), Twitter users use this service to notify their friends of their whereabouts. Data is sent to subscribers of the mini-blog. Brightkite is perhaps the most useful mobile network, especially when you are attending a conference or any other major event.
Zyb Transferring a

few ideas from Brightkite, Zybbecame the address book of your mobile social network. Despite the fact that you already have a ready-made contact list, Zyb gives you the opportunity to synchronize this list online. You can place phone numbers, calendar, text messages on the server and manage all this on-line. You can also transfer all this data from one phone to another, if necessary. Zyb lets you know who wrote your phone number in your address book, and even find your friends' friends. Zyb is something like Facebook pictures and Facebook contacts, only a more “mobile” option.


groovr- Another mobile entertainment. Add an image, note or video to your Groovr profile and share it with your friends. Instant messaging? And this is also the power of Groovr. However, this is no longer surprising us. Do we not have today the opportunity to exchange messages, images or video files with our friends without using third-party services? The only unique difference from all is the all-round visibility on Groovr. Here is an example for San Francisco:


Developed by MoBlast Technologies service Fon11claims to be the most popular mobile social network for the iPhone. With an excellent (which is natural) user interface and various capabilities provided by the server, somehow the ability to see how far your contacts, status messages, visibility settings, etc. are from you, Fon11 can offer much more than others. Fon11 has already been ported to Android and Nokia Web Runtime, future versions of J2ME and the Windows Mobile platform are planned. But for now, this requires GPS navigation, and not through the fault of Moblast. But we are sure that there are many options for solving this problem.

Is the era of mobile social networks now?

With the variety of services that mobile social networks offer us, it will not be difficult for developers to compete with social web networks. Brightkite is ready for this, Groovr could become the best mobile social network that broadcasts events taking place in the city, and Fon11 will gain fame long before the advent of the 3G iPhone. Has the era of mobile social networks arrived? Let everyone give himself an answer to this question, and we will look forward to new products.

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