Apple's new AV adapter is a complete computer

    Currently, SOC (System On Chip) systems are spreading even wider, but who would have thought that the new video adapter using Apple's Lighting interface is a full-fledged mini-computer.

    With the transition to the new Lighting connector, it has become difficult to connect accessories to Apple technology due to the fact that the connector has become digital.
    Many people wanted to see the AV adapter for the new connector, and a little later, Apple released one, but its price was $ 50.

    Now an explanation is found at such a high price.

    It turns out that inside a regular cable there is a full-fledged mini-computer, which has a processor, memory and even its own OS.

    Came to such conclusions staff resource Panic, the theory was that when using the new adapter, the output image was worse than the old adapter, this gave rise to the assumption that the new adapter is an AirPlay receiver or its wired equivalent.

    An ARM processor and 256 MB RAM are installed inside the chip.This

    find explains why this adapter takes time to load when connected and why it costs $ 50.

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