About compilers and interpreters

If you always wanted to write your programming language - welcome. Here you will surely find something interesting for yourself.

GitHub-user yawnt has compiled a wonderful selection of links for fans of dragons, languages ​​and other delicious entrails. And knowledgeable comrades in the comments will probably share with you and other dishes.

Yawnt writes the following:

With each passing day, the topic of compilers, interpreters, and the design of programming languages ​​as a whole is more and more interesting to me. And I decided to share with the people links to the materials I collected (most of which I have yet to read: <). I hope someone will find it useful.

I did not include (and do not intend to) link to the official documentation in the list, because I consider it obvious that the first thing to look at is there; P.

All, of course, is in English. We share links to Russian-language materials (and to existing translations of these works) in the comments, gentlemen! The theme is insanely exciting.



Virtual machines



Garbage collectors




Garbage collectors

Any different code

Stay in touch.

The original post is posted on github , offer the author links, he will add them to the post.

I am sure you know another billion interesting sources of information on a given topic (for example, there is a good course on Coursera). Share your knowledge!

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