Dancing Matt. How a game designer made his dream come true

    Paradox. There are so many and so few beautiful things in the world at the same time. Because often they just drown in the amount of negativity cultivated by the press, media, and the Internet.

    Politics, corruption, wars, natural disasters, illnesses ...

    And no matter how wild it sounds, but against the backdrop of all this negative, some wonderful things seem even more beautiful ... More noticeable! They surprisingly stand out from their surroundings and make sense. Remember at least that famous photo of a kiss against the backdrop of riots in Vancouver!
    Do not be there an angry crowd, upturned cars and police with batons, did this photo remain as noticeable? Did it fly all over the world? Love amid great tragedy ... How many Oscars did the Titanic receive in its time, balancing on the emotions of the audience?

    But there is another category of wonderful things. Which are good just on their own. Without politics, cataclysms and riots.
    For example, the story of Matthew Harding, or rather, his not intricate dance, which flew around the world and about which I would like to tell today. Surely, very many have already heard about him, and if not, then welcome to cat.

    This story began in 2003 when he was 26 years old. He worked as a video game designer and one day, suddenly, he decided that he wanted to see the world. He quit, and with the money he managed to save, he went on a trip, where he took with him an old camera with the function of shooting video.

    It seems to be nothing special, many people travel with a camera. But Matt decided to abandon the usual shooting of attractions. At first, as a joke, and then already purposefully, he began to dance in front of the camera in all the interesting places in the world where he came. And often, these were not hackneyed sights that can be seen in all tourist avenues.
    He uploaded the resulting video to his own page, which was called WhereTheHellIsMatt.com ("Where the hell, Matt?").

    And all would be fine, but in 2005 he finds his videos on Youtube, where some teenager posted them, posing as his own. By that time they were already very popular. A few months later, the American company Chewing gum producing Stride suggested Matt to take another trip, the sponsor of which she was ready to act. And Matt gladly accepted their offer.

    This time, in almost a year of travel, he visited 35 countries, 5 continents. And he was no longer dancing alone! Thanks to the first video, he became popular and people from different parts of the world began to write to him with offers to dance with him. Although, of course, in Africa or New Guinea, he had to look for a company for dances himself.

    In any case, the result, it seems to me, is something really good, kind and beautiful. Real emotions, joy and happiness. Different countries, different people. Rich, poor, black, white ... Everyone just rejoices and dances. They are just like us, and we are just like them. And that's great! Without politics, without borders! The whole world in 5 minutes!

    If you have not watched his videos, then be sure to look! If a smile involuntarily appears on your face, then Matt did all this for nothing:

    Why is it on Habré?

    Matt is a former video game designer. Absolutely ordinary without any outstanding abilities. It can hardly be called the owner of unique external data. In part, he is the same as most of us. Ordinary person. But once he just got up from the computer and realized his dream.

    How often do we put off our dream for later, perhaps never having realized it? How often do we grab onto the usual order of things home - work - home - work? Matt's example is an example of a person who fulfilled his dream by breaking this order. Perhaps for someone this example will be useful along with freelance stories from Thailand or GOA. And we, say, in a year, will see new no less interesting stories of some of the habro-users, which began with today's post.

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