Smalltalk developer for JVM collects funds to complete development of version 1.0

    Project page on Indiegogo: Redline Smalltalk V1.0

    A large number of programming languages ​​have already been developed and ported for Java Virtual Machine - Scala, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Fantom, Kotlin, etc. ... The choice of tools among developers in the Java world is simply huge . But there is another language that probably many would like to see on a JVM with a stable implementation - Smalltalk!

    Developer James Ladd raises funds ($ 20,000) to go full time to bring Redline Smalltalk to version 1.0. It remains to collect a little less than half the amount.

    If you can’t put up with the lack of Smalltalk on the JVM anymore, if you always wanted to try Smalltalk, but couldn’t delve into a completely different world and development approach, if you just want to make the world even better, then it's your time! Help James bring the project to a production-grade state!

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