Ubuntu installed on Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet

    As you know, the Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft comes with Windows 8. The tablet itself went on sale recently, but various craftsmen have already begun experimenting with installing third-party operating systems. One of the craftsmen was able to put Ubuntu on this tablet, noting also that Linux Mint is installed without too much difficulty. Rather, there are difficulties, but the loading and general workflow of the installed OS is normal.

    Here it is to be found more or less detailed instructions for installing Linux on the tablet. Unfortunately, WiFi does not work yet, plus there are problems with the work of a couple more modules. However, network support can be added by connecting an Ethernet-to-USB module.

    The initiators of installing Linux distributions on the tablet have already reached out to everyone interested who could help in the development process. In general, there is no doubt that in a few weeks / months there will be quite a working Linux distribution, “sharpened” for Surface Pro. Now it’s hard to hope for the full-fledged work of a third-party OS.

    Nevertheless, the process of fitting a Linux distribution for this tablet cannot be called just a game, since Surface Pro is one of the few tablets that boasts an Intel Core i5 processor, digital pen support and Touch Cover or Type Cover support.

    There is also an option with Surface RT on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM platform. But on such a tablet, installing a third-party OS is somewhat more difficult.

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