Key IT Labor Market Figures (January 2012 - January 2013)

    Dynamics of the number of vacancies and resumes

    The largest increase in the number of vacancies was observed in the segments “development and maintenance of banking software” (+ 59% in January 2013 compared to January 2012), “optimization, SEO” (+ 40%) and “implementation and maintenance PO ”(+ 36%).


    vacancies came from direct employers.

    Most actively, companies are looking for specialists in the field of implementation and maintenance of software (9% of all vacancies) and software developers (8%).

    Most resumes are placed in the “system administration” subsection (12% of all resumes).


    resume falls on one vacancy in Moscow,


    resume for one job in St. Petersburg.

    The highest vacancy contest among cities with population over one million people was recorded in Omsk (5.3 resumes for vacancies) and Volgograd (4.0).
    The most difficult to find an IT specialist in Novosibirsk, Perm - (1.1 resumes for a vacancy), as well as in Yekaterinburg (1.2).

    Salary wishes


    vacancies offer salary "by agreement".

    35 thousand rubles

    average salary offer.


    Applicants prefer not to indicate the level of their salary wishes.



    vacancies offer employment to applicants from any city.


    job seekers are ready to move for work.

    Most of the vacancies for nonresidents are open in Yekaterinburg (63.6%) and Rostov-on-Don (61.4%). Most often, companies from St. Petersburg require local registration (only 28.7% of vacancies for nonresident).

    Rating of the most popular programmers / developers

    programmer / developer PHP
    programmer / developer Java
    programmer / developer C / C ++ developer / programmer
    C #
    programmer / developer Oracle
    programmer / developer Delphi
    programmer / developer .NET
    programmer / developer .NET programmer / database developer MS SQL
    Programmer / developer MS Dynamics AX

    The most scarce IT specialties

    <1 resume for the vacancy
    programmer Perl
    programmer Ruby on Rails
    programmer MS Dynamics NAV
    programmer MS Dynamics AX
    programmer PHP programmer
    programmer C / C ++ programmer

    > = 1
    programmer vacancy programmer Java
    programmer Oracle programmer Oracle
    database administrator
    Programmer C #
    Programmer Delphi
    Information Security Specialist

    Most Proficient IT Specialties

    System Administrator
    Technical Support Specialist
    Service Engineer
    Business Analyst
    System Analyst
    Web Designer

    Employer wishes not related to job skills


    vacancies are addressed only to the stronger sex.

    25-45 years old

    the most requested age range.


    ads do not contain education requirements.


    vacancies require knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation.

    Portrait of the applicant

    71.1% of applicants


    24 years

    the most active age to look for work.

    62.6% of applicants and 47.3% of applicants

    do not have a job at the time of posting the resume.

    25.7% of men and 12.7% of women

    ready to move.

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