Interesting videos about Leap Motion


    I carefully follow the news about Leap Motion (and, for a well-known reason, I have no right to tell a lot about the device). There are interesting videos from developers who have already received their devices (the revision of which not so long ago reached the sixth - the seventh, most likely, will be release). I would like to draw some attention to those who are following the project.

    By the way, for those who missed the news - ASUS recently signed a contract to supply the device with some of the models of its computers, and Leap itself will become available to users this spring .

    For those who have not heard about this device, we note that Leap Motion is a controller with gesture recognition in the air. The closest analogue is Kinect from Microsoft, but the devices are difficult to put on one step - Leap's gesture recognition accuracy is 0.01 mm, which is a hundred times better than Kinect's. For more information about the device, welcome to the official website , the video on which is worth a look. In Russian there were separate posts on Habré ( 1 , 2 and 3 ).

    Let's move on to the video. Here's a recent example of how to use Leap in conjunction with the Scratch programming language. As you can see, this is very easy to do, and as a result, an application is created that animates the character’s movement on the screen:

    Here Leap is connected to WPF:

    And here they use Unity (on YouTube there are already many different videos about using the controller in conjunction with Unity. By the way, not only Unity version 4 is supported, but also version 3.5. You can link your project with Leap using C # and the same programs that are used for AR or Kinect projects):

    Here iMac is turned into a touchscreen:

    Well and holy - anboxing of the newly arrived devkit:

    Also popular now: