Petition for Shorter Copyright Periods

    There were a lot of articles and heated discussions on Habré regarding the excessiveness of copyright terms. Now those who would like to fix this can do a small but important thing for this - to sign the petition on the page
    Although the petition will be sent to the White House, we are sure This problem affects everyone on the planet.
    It is necessary to collect 25,000 signatures by the end of January.

    Translation of a petition under cut

    Today's terms of copyright are disproportionately longer than the promotion of progress requires. Excessive copyright protection limits their benefits and does not condone the development and creation of new works.

    I ask the government to limit the copyright term to 10 years without any exceptions. And although, in comparison with the current terms of copyright, 10 years may seem very modest, nevertheless, 10 years is a lot, apparently, even this period is excessive. I also ask you to limit existing rights to 10 years.

    This is not a public concern, so that authors and artists receive rewards for their work and creativity. And copyright should not be the only incentive for them. The era of exclusive rights must end.

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