Corning will present Gorilla Glass 3 at CES 2013

    Probably, the vast majority of representatives of the habrasociety have heard and seen Gorilla Glass. In fact, this glass protects the displays of a number of models of smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers. Last year, the manufacturing company, Corning, introduced Gorilla Glass 2, and when demonstrating glass, anyone could try to break or break the glass (without using hammers and other auxiliary means). Nobody could break the demo copy. Of course, a large number of manufacturers immediately began to use Gorilla Glass 2 in their devices. Well, this year, at CES 2013, Corning promises to show Gorilla Glass 3.

    In addition to this glass, the company will present its own fiber optic cables. But the main thing, of course, is Gorilla Glass 3. According to the manufacturer, this coating has become even more durable, even more scratch-resistant, even more ... well, you understand.

    Corning claims that the coating has become three times more resistant to external influences (such as scratching with hard objects). In addition, even the scratches that appeared on the glass are not very noticeable (they somehow measured that the reduction in the number of visible scratches is 40%).

    Of course, no one will guarantee that a tablet or smartphone, when thrown from a height of 2 meters onto concrete, will survive. However, such a glass allows for sufficiently reliable protection of the device. In any case, manufacturers say so.


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