[Friday] How we sawed the 3d web

My brother and I, a couple of 3D artists, sort of guys with cool hair and cool glasses. Almost twins with exactly the same faces, but diametrically different characters. However, our hobby is one for two - to embody in the virtual what is in real life. And I must say, this is quite possible, because one is a good modeler, and the second is an animator from God.

Here are just the tools we have different and hoo how! I love Blender with passion and tenderness, and my brother loves Max. Holivar never subsides, but we manage to create cool things using our very different 3D editors. However, the topic is not about that.

It all started with a portfolio ... With the creation of a damn portfolio, after which my brother and I quarreled through it, simultaneously hanging “lanterns” to each other. Have you ever thought about transferring 3D works somewhere on the Internet, even to your blog?

Okay, reader, you got to the address, because you still need to look for such losers, although the final still turned out to be encouraging.

In search of truth

We have a friend. Yes, he is the same as we are, cool and bespectacled. But he is a programmer and probably very cool, because when a conversation begins on professional topics, only God of Programming can understand him. He also loves beer.

Zatovarivshis packing such a valuable drink, my brother and I moved to visit him. The goal is simple - we want 3D on the web, but we have no idea what and how.

Thoughtfully looking at us, he spoke:

- Unity.
- What is Unity?
- Use Unity, it's free and cool!

OK, the guru's advice has shown us the path to a radiant future. At least, that's how we talked on the way home, inspired by the idea and beer pairs.

Unity is a cool engine, we know it, for models and export to FBX countless times. Only our knowledge was limited to importing the same FBX, which was carried out to control the models, before handing over the project to the customer. And you also need to know C #, they say it is very simple. We piously believed in it ...

The first pancake already at the beginning began to stink furiously, suggesting that at the end to curl up, because Unity demanded an update, which we naively allowed him. If you have Rostelecom, but there is no money in the account, but there is a cool 3G modem, then you understand what it is about. Yes, a friendly flashing modem icon showed that it works. Showed for a long, very long, several hours and that is for sure. Then he died safely, interrupting the download in the last steps.

Of course, nothing worked afterwards. It was a call from above, but we listened to it ...

Having thrown a freelancing week, we devoted all the time to the Idea. Coding turned out to be easy, because there are a lot of examples in the internet, which was quite enough to create a model twist. However, this valuable idea was born in our heads only when we got our friend programmer with lamer questions and he sent us to the programming paradise, i.e. in google Yes, there is a wiki Unity, where you can stupidly download a ready-made script, which we finally did, after several days of torment in trying to achieve enlightenment. All the more terrible was the collapse. Armed with a portion of beer, we again went to our friend:

- It does not work!
- What does not work?
- Export to WebGL.
- Does he have to work ?!

Fak! A minute pause and my friend realizes that they will start beating him now. It hurts, hard, after taking away all the beer.

From the turbulent and confused explanations it became clear that this is a terrible, universal conspiracy. Like, the developers of Unity were offended by the developers of browsers when they pinched the tail of their web player. Since then, they brazenly ignore the evil of the world in the form of WebGL and dirty tricks to the creators of browsers. For some reason, ordinary mobiles have become particularly unloved. After all, downloading only a dozen megabytes of code from the Internet is a cool idea! And in return to get such a screen.

Well, it hurts. In a sense, it hurt a friend when he looked sadly at the floating beer. However, he quickly rehabilitated, calling the magic word: "Sketchfab."

Almost in nirvana

It was something with something. My brother and I stuck out our tongues and looked at the test model that we uploaded to Sketchfab cloud. She fluttered in a web browser window, spun easily in a mobile browser, and we already presented a whole portfolio site with the very best of our work.

Probably, it was this blissful state that made me nod my head when I wanted to immediately buy a PRO subscription. And this thought was sensible, because our models should spin only here, and not for everyone on display, as FREE suggests. Tenderly holding a credit card (mine!), The little brother galloped off to his computer.

Complacency did not leave me, even when my brother paid 180 bucks for the whole year, although we agreed only for a month, to see. In the end, we found what we were looking for ... and it was a big OBAMA, in the most unsightly of unsightly angles!

No, nothing offensive, I will not say about this service. We ourselves are fuckers.

When you need to lay out a model of a Persian with textures and animation, the sketchfab is great (by the way, yes, try to load a scene with two fixtures, get unforgettable impressions). Being painted in front of your friends is great! Sell ​​on the sketch - know the problems.

However, when you try to use a sketchfab for work, it is a complete paragraph. Damn marketers! Twenty private models per month, think enough? No, really guys, this is zilch, which is quickly spent, and you are faced with a dilemma, which model deserves to be in this top 20.

True, my brother gave a hint that there was something about the Premium plan for 80 bucks a month. It was after this that we exchanged friendly pokes.

By the turtle swim

It was a return to the very beginning. There was no more hope for a friend programmer, my brother’s credit card was almost exhausted, and we were deep in the Internet, looking for a free engine. Alas, as it always happens in our world, there is no freebie. And if it seems that there is, then it is worthwhile to read carefully what you decided to subscribe to (hello to the marketers of the sketchfab!).

Yes, it was a glorious time. We profuked a few excellent orders, but with persistence worthy of an award, everyone tried to create a 3D portfolio. They read all sorts of gurus, experimented with different engines, quarreled and put up, but achieved nothing.

It seemed destiny forever stuck on our foreheads stickers "losers", spit on them relishly before that. Understand correctly, if we were programmers, the problem was solved quickly, but we are simple hard workers with a creative spirit. A 3D portfolio on the Internet is a feature that can really attract the interest of customers. In general, the case has stalled aloud ...

In raskoryaku, but upstairs (after the fact)

Almost a month has passed since my brother and I decided on the engine and found, it seems, the optimal solution that suits us both. It, alas, is not free and, to be honest, we are now using the trial. Our friend-programmer-drunk managed to pick something there and promised to turn it into a license. But knowing this beer lover, we'd rather prefer to save some money.

I use Blender, my brother works in 3ds Max, and the link for the web is Verge3D. This thing works great in both 3D editors, so there is no problem with exporting to the web (there is still a private cloud). Skeletal animation, ART, Cycles, Physical material, Principled BSDF, etc, etc.

In principle, the same sketchfab understands the materials of the models quite well, but in the case of a werge for non-programmers there is a very big bonus - a sort of logic constructor in the window of a web browser. We sit, customize puzzles (we make all sorts of buttons there for playing animation, scene selection, etc.). So far this is our salvation and if we were caught earlier, at least the time for searching would be reduced, and the maximum would be as much as 200 bucks on the map (although, no, I’m sure that Verge is worth the money).

And to you, creative fraternity, one piece of advice: send your ... drunk programmer friend if you have one. Great Google to help! The developers of Verge are great!

PS: specifically for the brother.

You lost) I wrote and nevertheless laid out here so entertaining and shameful quest that we went with you. From you ... you know what.

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