New IBM Programs for Students and IT Professionals

    IBM introduced a number of educational programs and resources designed to help students and IT professionals learn the new technical skills necessary to work effectively in the new labor market conditions. Among these initiatives are new continuing education courses and resources for IT specialists, teaching and methodological and technical materials for university professors, as well as advanced educational programs that ensure direct participation of students in solving real business problems.

    These features will help solve the serious human resource shortage problem described in the IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report . The report, compiled by IBM Center for Applied Insights , notes that only one out of ten organizations has qualified specialists who are needed to implement new technologies: business intelligence, mobile and cloud computing, social business. In addition, almost half of the students and teachers surveyed during the study believe that their educational institutions have serious problems with meeting the growing market demand for qualified specialists in the field of modern technologies.

    New curricula, technical materials and continuing education courses for teachers

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , only in the United States the number of jobs in the IT sector will grow by 22% by 2020. Seeking to help educators better prepare students for this potential, IBM has unveiled the largest expansion of its Academic Initiative since its launch.

    For the first time, the IBM Academic Initiative will offer access to IT security training programs and continuing education courses to help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills on advanced IT threat protection tools. Security issues are considered one of the two main obstacles to the widespread adoption of advanced technologies, but also one of the key areas of employment growth. The number of security professionals is expected to nearly double by 2015.

    IBM’s new security offerings include:

    • A pre-prepared curriculum based on real-world IT security scenarios that will help students better understand the existing challenges facing enterprises and conduct an in-depth analysis of the trends identified and described in the X-Force report .
    • Free access to IT protection software, which teachers can use to teach students how to test applications, as well as scan networks and virtual servers for vulnerabilities. Teachers and students will be able to remotely connect to the latest zEnterprise mainframe - a secure system that can be used to prepare students for solving real problems using corporate IT skills.

    The ability to provide access to the latest enterprise-level technology directly in classrooms at no extra charge is critical to gaining skills. In addition to resources in the field of information security, IBM now provides licenses for software and self-study materials in the following areas:

    • Big Data and Analytics - Teachers can now use Big Data software in their classrooms through access to various IBM Big Data processing offerings. Hadoop- based e-books and study modules are also available for students in business disciplines and computer science.
    • Commerce - Teachers can now leverage the digital marketing and analytics software that IBM offers as part of the Smart Commerce initiative . Through a series of training modules, students will be able to study topics such as benchmarking and learn how to develop program code to identify patterns of consumer behavior.
    • Mobile Computing - New training modules based on HTLM 5 and DOJO prepare students for the development of mobile applications. Teachers can also download IBM mobile application development software to give students more practical options.

    Helping the faculty to develop skills in modern technology, IBM today introduced the Knowledge Exchange . This online resource provides educators around the world with the opportunity to interact and share useful information, training programs, training materials, and best practices with their peers. The first Knowledge Exchange offerings will be the curriculum from teachers who have won IBM Smarter Planet grants .

    New Advanced Courses and Resources for IT Professionals

    As more organizations begin to use technology to solve complex business problems, the need for qualified IT professionals continues to grow in all sectors. For example, a recently published TechAmerica report points to the need for advanced training for civil servants in Big Data. In addition, a 2012 IBM Tech Trends report reports a shortage of business intelligence experts, calling this situation a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of this technology. To help IT keep up with fast-paced technology, IBM offers:

    • DeveloperWorks ' new mobile computing, security, and commerce sections with free access to training materials, technical resources, and online technical communities. In particular, in the new developerWorks security zone, developers can learn about common mistakes in applications, learn about the most commonly used types of attacks, and share with their colleagues the best ways to fix vulnerabilities.
    • New resources for individual advanced training and certification, designed to attract IBM business partners to participate in the Reasonable Commerce initiative and the promotion of digital analytics. These include new training materials, white papers, and best practices available on developerWorks.

    New programs for students

    IBM is also expanding its work with students to help them understand how technologies such as business intelligence and information security are important for building a successful career in business, marketing, and research.

    • Virtual Career Event - In early 2013, IBM plans to host the IBM Career Exploration: Make a difference global virtual event , where current students and recent university graduates will be able to chat with IBM executives and learn how to maximize their knowledge and skills. , expand communication, and position themselves in the modern highly competitive labor market.
    • Learning how to solve real problems - IBM is expanding its work to support practical university classes on real-world problems through Watson Case Study Competitions and Great Minds Challenge initiatives , as well as special events such as the IBM Student Innovator Challenge , recently held in Singapore, where more than 100 students competed in developing solutions for the Smart Planet.
    • Job Board Resource - In December, the IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative e will launch the new Power Skills Job Board resource, which offers attractive prospects for students with a professional interest in the IBM Power Systems computing platform .
    • Enhanced access to higher education resources - IBM recently joined the National Coalition for Advanced Technology Centers , providing IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative schools with access to a wide network of higher education resources that support and stimulate the use of technological solutions that expand the program of economic development and professional improvement of labor resources.

    Access to new resources for teachers and educational institutions.
    Access to new resources for developers.
    For more information about IBM Security Services, see the Web page .
    Read the Tech Trends Report here .

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