New details about the Tesla Model III: not one electric car, but several

    The heading says "electric cars", not "electric cars" intentionally. The fact is that under the general name Tesla Model III, a lineup of electric cars will be presented, and not an individual car. This was stated by Tesla Motors chief technical officer JB Straubel, saying that Model III is not only a sedan, but also a crossover.

    Apparently, Model III is a light version of Model S and Model X (recall that these models should appear on the market no earlier than 2017). The head of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has already stated that the new Model III electric cars will be able to cover at least 400 km on a single battery charge, and the price of cars, as reported, will be $ 35,000.

    At the same time, the cost of the nearest competitor, Chevrolet Volt, is $ 38,000, and the power reserve of this car is 340 km.

    Now Tesla is developing a network of high-speed charging stations where the owner of an electric car will be able to update the battery charge (or the battery itself) in a matter of minutes. Model III will appear next year, and the novelty is positioned as an "electric car for everyone." According to Musk, no more than 10% of current Tesla cars appear on electric gas stations, since most owners do not leave the city limits, going from home to office, and vice versa.

    A positive point is the drop in the cost of batteries, which positively affects the cost of the electric car itself.

    Recall that now the company Tesla Motors is fighting the laws of some US states, which prohibits the direct sale of cars to customers. In some states, the company manages to win, in others, Elon Musk is still losing. However, the US Federal Trade Commission supports Mask . Thus, officials in their appeal offer individual states of the country to give car buyers the opportunity to choose for themselves whether they want to buy a vehicle from a manufacturer or from a dealer. In addition, the FTC claims that it is not legislative regulation, but buyers should determine what, how and where to buy.

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