Native repository for MODX Revolution

    I won’t write much. This is more like news than a manual. Although the question of their own repositories for MODX Revolution is a mystery, covered in darkness (if anyone saw ready-made solutions, please give a link).

    In general, I created a package that allows you to create your own repositories for MODX Revolution.

    Not everything has been completed yet (in particular, the number of downloads has not yet been considered, and a private mode of working with access by API key has not been implemented), but in general the package is already quite working and is suitable for personal purposes.

    This solution is especially useful for web studios and freelancers.

    Details in the video clip.

    UPD: The promised video with the creation of packages using the PackMan component from splittingred . Be sure to watch to the end, as the video demonstrates the creation of updates.

    To install the package, add my repository and download from it. By the way, there are a couple of interesting solutions, such as phpTemplates (allows you to use pure php code in static MODX templates, turning them into controllers) and modxSmarty (allows you to use Smarty in the front end with support for MODX elements at the Smarty level).

    PS If some web studios are interested in individual solutions based on all this, write in a personal.

    UPD: Source with build on github:

    Also popular now: