Google Nexus 4 can still work with LTE, but not everywhere

    In November, an interesting news appeared on Habré that in Google Nexus 4 an inactive 4G chip was detected . However, information about support for 4G networks in the device description is missing. But the other day there was interesting information - it turns out that this chip still works, but not everywhere. Works, for example, in Canada, with networks of operators Rogers and Telus. Also, the device can work with 4G networks in some parts of the United States.

    For example, AT&T in some parts of the country uses the frequency spectrum that Google Nexus 4 can “work with”. And if you live in one of these regions and you have Google Nexus 4, you can already start working with 4G.

    The reason that the indicated device has a 4G chip, which is not mentioned anywhere at all, is simple. The fact is that Google Nexus 4, for the most part, uses the “stuffing” of LG Optimus G. And LG, when it brought the device into line with Google’s specifications and standards, decided not to mention the chip, leaving it inactive on the board. It turned out easier and cheaper.

    However, it turned out that Nexus 4 can still work with LTE, with LTE band 4. In the US, AT&T works with band 17, but in some places the standard mentioned above is also supported.

    You can try to configure the phone and the standards of other operators by simply going to the menu and changing WCDMA to LTE / GSM / CDMA auto.

    You can enter the corresponding menu by pressing the following combination: * # * # 4636 # * # *.

    In addition, you can try to set 4G LTE APN . It is worth remembering that all this is not officially supported, so no one gives guarantees of proper operation in LTE networks.

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