Google Maps API v2 - End of Service

    Today I received a letter from the Google Maps API Developer Relations about the end of the service period of version 2 of the Google Maps API.
    Under the cut - translation and reflection

    We are contacting you because your email address associated with the Google Maps JavaScript API v2 key is used for the following domains:
    °% domain_name%
    As you should be aware, the three-year aging period for version 2 of the JavaScript Maps API ends in May 2013 of the year. After this date, the API will no longer be supported, and functions may not function as expected. At some point, your cards on V2 may stop working completely.
    The good news is that the Google Maps Javascript API v3 is more reliable and has more functionality than v2, and for the vast majority of sites there is no problem migrating to V3. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you review our migration guides, and strive to migrate before May 2013.

    Of course, for most sites that use only a couple of markers and a map, the problem with migration is only to read a small manual and change a couple of dozen lines of code.
    As for sites that use google api to place a lot of markers and have wide functionality for working with the map, this will be a big problem.
    As my experience shows, such sites have been written for a long time, and this is a big problem. Rewriting such a site, I spent more than a month just to understand how it works. The lack of architecture as such, php classes, the use of frameworks, a hash of html + php + javascript in one file are just flowers. The berries were in use for 5-7 years old unused libraries, and, of course, “Easter eggs” in the form of lines of directly executable code in the middle of functions.php.
    As a result, I had to rewrite all the functionality of the card again and dock it with the rest of the old code.

    I want to advise the owners of sites on V2 not to delay the migration to V3, since moving to V3 can be a long and painful process.
    After all, no one wants the site to stop working at one point.

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