Yii 1.1.13 RC

    Sometimes, even in release versions, bugs creep in that are detected immediately after release, so we decided to try releasing several pre-release versions.

    After RC and before the stable version (GA), only bug fixes for RC will be accepted.

    So, the preliminary release of Yii version 1.1.13 is laid out. You can pick it up, as usual, from the framework download page:


    This time a lot of work has been done: more than 120 improvements and fixes. Many thanks to everyone who takes an active part in the development on github: resurtm, SonkoDmitry, klimov-paul, creocoder, DaSourcerer and many others.

    Since this is not a final release, but a preliminary one, you should not use it on battle servers. A stable release will be released approximately within a few weeks, after fixing all the errors found, but for now we will be very grateful if you check, at least locally, your projects with a preliminary release and let us know about the errors. Thanks in advance!

    Also thanks for your error messages in the documentation on yiiframework.ru via Orphus. Finally, it’s configured to automatically update all documentation directly from the repository, so it will always be the latest on this site.

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