A brief overview of startup projects over the past week in Asia

    A short review on Asian startups over the past week. All Asian, and probably, like any other, projects have their own characteristics, due to a different mentality, a different market ... For me, this topic is interesting, as a source of information for your projects, it can be useful to you.
    I will not paint much, but I will provide links to projects where it will be possible to familiarize yourself in more detail.

    1. Voicepic (Japan) The

    Voicepic project came into focus last week when TechCrunch 2012 was held in Tokyo.
    This iPhone application adds sound elements to photos, allowing you, for example, to add a short voice comment, or to record and attach the ambient sound of the place where the picture was taken.

    2. Tiket (Indonesia)

    Tiket service that allows you to book a ticket for almost everything from travel to entertainment.
    The project launched recently, has already received an award at the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA), which takes place in the Philippines.

    3. Travelog (Korea)

    Travelog is a mobile application created by a Korean team of four people.
    The application notes (controls) all your key travel details that you want to track. It can also interact with the logs of other users and use them.

    4. Fivepager (Philippines)

    Fiverpager is a project created in Singapore. Starting from $ 50 per month, the user can get three web pages with an individual project, a mailer, a guest and a page about the company. The project is aimed at small businesses on the Internet.

    5. Douguo.com (China)

    Douguo, a social prescription network, recently received $ 8 million from a GGV investor in a second round of funding. Douguo has apps for the iPhone and Android, and claims to have six million users who have uploaded 10,000 recipes to date.

    6. Bilna (Indonesia)

    Bilna is a new e-commerce platform for those who sell everything that may be necessary for babies and their mothers, for example, food and infant formula, clothes, toys, supplies and cosmetics for mothers.
    The project was prepared and supported by the seed funding fund CyberAgent Ventures and from East Ventures.

    7. Wego (Indonesia)

    Wego Travel Search announced a partnership with several online travel websites and featured the latest travel booking and search feature called Vacation Vacation Rentals. the developers say: "Imagine you can rent a castle for your next vacation." Whether such a service will be in demand, we will see.

    8. Tweaky (Australia)

    Tweaky is a service that helps small businesses make small changes to their website. After the task is set, the designer or developer can complete the task for the agreed fee.

    9. Eloku (Indonesia)

    Eloku is a project built using "cloud technology" and allowing you to control delivery services. This is one of three startups that were launched this week at the Jakarta Investment Institute (JKTFI).

    10. Pouch (Indonesia)

    Another project from JKTFI. Pouch is a marketing application and customer loyalty program that allows customers to collect digital prints on their smartphones from retail partners.

    11. Ticbox (Indonesia)

    JKTFI's third project is a service that helps companies conduct interesting and quick online reviews at affordable prices in Indonesia. The launch is scheduled for February 2013.

    12. Rewardz (Singapore)

    Rewardz is a new Singapore company that allows employees working in the field of small and medium-sized businesses to be able to have social security benefits.

    13. Otaku Camera (Japan)

    Otaku Camera is an Android application that helps turn photos from your phone into manga style pictures.

    14. FotoRus (China )

    Speaking of photo apps, China-made FotoRus has 20 million downloads worldwide. Now there is an application for the iPhone and for Android. The newest feature to be added is an animegram, which is a way to animate a single photograph by decorating it or warping it in some funny way; the outcome is a short video, not a GIF file.

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