Project Concept - “Real Time Job”


Real Time Job is a concept of a fundamentally new type of community. Online streams of specialists in various fields will allow everyone to plunge into the reality of web development and gain experience by learning from professionals.

Good evening, dear reader. Today I would like to talk about one idea that occurred to me. Maybe the idea is completely wild, maybe even stupid, or maybe it will seem to you as interesting as it is to me.

Most recently, I was thinking about one question: "How to create PR for your project using the stream that is popular in today's time?" At first, standard thoughts came to my mind, for example, I need to arrange the stream itself so that it contains as much information as possible on the viewer, along with the stream of the desktop itself. And then I had an idea - why not make a new freelance direction on the basis of streams, in which the project executor must necessarily show the entire process of completing the order.

And common sense began to argue with me, saying why to limit the freedom of a freelancer, but what about gatherings on the hub, VK 9gag and other distracting resources, but what about personal space, and indeed why should the customer monitor the performer. There will be no such thing, it will not take place, it is not necessary to stop! But all the same, the idea defeated the arguments of common sense:
Freedom of the freelancer is not limited, because if you want, you can say on the stream "I left I will be back in an hour."

The interest of the customer is to be able to check the work at any time, and not follow the freelancer 24/7

People who study web development will be happy to see the work of the masters, and not within the framework of the prepared webinar, but full-fledged real work without embellishment and editing. Those who do not work in this area will be able to observe and appreciate the charms of our daily tasks.

The motivation for the freelancer himself - “people watch me!” Encourages you to work more, better and more actively.

Feedback from the viewer can turn each such stream into a continuous online training course for viewers, meeting new clients or employers.

As you can see, this concept has more pros than cons.

Well, it’s said done. For half an hour “on my knee” I made the page design, asked my lazy friend to make up the page and here is the result -

Since this is a concept, it is important for me now to find out your opinion and find like-minded people. If the idea turns out to be interesting not only to me, a full-fledged project can be obtained. Waiting for your feedback

P.S. A contest that we decided to hold on to coincide with the update of our JetShield may also be interesting for Khabrovsk citizens. The task is simple - decrypt the file and send us the source text. For this you will receive 10,000 rubles. Details of the contest - here.

Leave your opinion, wish or suggestion on the joint implementation of this freelance project either in the comments or contact me directly:

Skype: Edmond_Russ

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