AWS officially supports Centos, Debian and FreeBSD from Marketplace

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    From today, you will not need to wool other people's AMI or install your own systems to get an image of Debian, Centos or FreeBSD. They are available in the Marketplace absolutely free of charge:

    For example, you want to install a pure Debian extreme version. Now I will tell you how to do it.

    1. Follow the link .

    Here we see 2 available options 64 and 32-bit distributions.

    The price for the product is $ 0.00 + the price of the EC2 instance. Choose what you need.

    2. Description page.

    Here we are presented with a description of the product, prices, etc. Click Continue .

    3. Start options.

    On this page, we shave off all the usual options for starting a new instance:

    Or, with the Launch with EC2 Console option, we can find the necessary AMI by reference and start new instances in the usual AWS console environment:

    This is how you can now easily and simply run clean versions of Debian, CentOS, and FreeBSD.

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