Today, November 18, on all monitors in the country, we are launching our new project called “Geek Week”. Every Sunday we will delight you with the latest news from your favorite video game industry.

    Today in the issue:
    • New trailer and details Grand Theft Auto 5 - "Holy Trinity";
    • The departure of Peter Molyneux from the gaming industry - “loss from loss”;
    • Need For Speed and Deus Ex movie - do we need it?
    • Video Game Awards 2012 - the results of the outgoing year.
    • Competition for the game "Deponia 2: Explosive Adventure"

    Highlights in the last week
    • Nikolai Chumakov published material about the long-awaited film “Cloud Atlas”;
    • The most important thing about Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and not only can be heard in the fourth issue of the podcast “Evenings on” , as well as read a detailed review of the authorship of Vasily Karpushev;
    • The most interesting of the games that did not come to this world was remembered by Mikhail Gafanovich.

    Thanks for attention!

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