Plastic Aston Martin printed on a 3D printer filmed in Skyfall

    The latest 3D printing technology from Voxeljet from Auxburg can be seen in the cinema, and specifically in the last part about the spy James Bond (Skyfall). In the scene where the Bond car explodes. In total, 3 models of the Aston Martin DB 5 car were created. Auto models duplicated the original priceless car produced in 1960 in the scene where the car is destroyed. Action scenes in high-budget films, such as films about J. Bond, should look as realistic as possible.

    " Propshopinstructed us to build three plastic DB 5 models. We could easily print the legendary car in one piece (in one piece) at a 1: 3 scale using our VX 4000 printer, which can create models up to 8 cubic meters. However, the British creators of the model went a different way. To make sure that the details most closely correspond to the original, and in order to show the car’s numerous functions in the film, we decided to assemble it from 18 separate components. The model was assembled on a steel frame, almost identical to how it was assembled in the past, "says Voxeljet CEO Ingo Ederer.
    A total of 54 individual components were printed for three vehicles. These were roofs, hoods, wings, doors, etc. After removing excess material, the parts were packed and transported to Pinewood Studios near London.

    After assembling the model, it was painted and brought to a state where it became difficult to externally distinguish from the original. Even upon closer inspection, it was almost identical to the original Aston Martin DB 5.

    While 3D models participated in the explosion scenes and burned out in the film, the DB 5 itself, which was shot in the first Bond film 50 years ago, remained unscathed.
    By the way, one of the models was sold at Christie auction for $ 100,000.

    Ingo Ederer also says that in addition to clients from other fields of activity, such as the auto industry, foundry, design and art, the film industry opens up new opportunities for attracting customers, as creating elements, decorations, models of buildings and other objects can be much faster and often cheaper than what is happening now.

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