Website Optimization Tools for Retina

    Recently, there are more and more devices with screens whose pixel density is very high: Apple released a MacBook with Retina, Google announced the Nexus 10 with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. Along with modern technologies, new problems come for website developers. For example, on new screens, bitmap images do not look very good, they need to be optimized for Retina. This collection contains some tools to help you do this.

    Picturefill ( demo ) by Scott Jehl

    Makes images responsive and independent of screen resolution.

    JPEGmini by  Andy Clarke

    On the fly, optimizes graphics, reducing weight several times. PNGmini  is an analogue for the .png format.


    Needs no introduction - a tool that can determine the capabilities of the user's browser, which helps the developer achieve cross-browser compatibility.


    An application for OS X that helps you quickly prepare images for Retina screens.


    Another application for OS X that can cut .psd-template taking into account the requirements of Retina-screens.

    TypeButter by David Hudson

    A jQuery plugin that optimizes font kerning, which allows the text to look more readable.

    X-Icon Editor

    Web application for creating high resolution favicon.

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