Ghost: idea of ​​a simple WordPress-based blog engine

    The idea of ​​creating a simple and convenient platform for publishing a blog instead of a universal CMS called WordPress is in the air. The new Ghost engine still exists as a concept, but it can shoot very well after launch.

    Ghost will fork WordPress, with support for native themes and plugins.

    A survey of WordPress users showed that most people actually use WordPress as a full-fledged content management system (CMS), and not as a regular blog. Matt Mullenweg himself, the founder and lead developer of the project, drew attention to this a long time ago and announced the release of a “radically simplified WordPress” somewhere in 2013.

    Former leader of the WordPress UI Group, John O'Nolan, agrees with this idea and has already released the concept of the new Ghost blog engine , compatible with WordPress, but with the most convenient and simplified interface specifically for blogging.

    John O'Nolan describes several key concepts for Ghost.

    Split view

    The screen, divided into two parts, for viewing the list of records by popularity with simultaneous editing. The concept of Split-view is also used in other places of the interface, for example, when editing and previewing a new record (see the screenshot above).


    Convenient viewing of statistics.

    Simplified functionality

    Ghost will have neither support for comments, nor a large number of settings. Who needs comments, can connect third-party modules like Disqus.

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