New modLivestreet 0.5.0-rc full package release

    After twenty hours of work, I publish the latest modLivestreet package, which I hope will become a watershed in perception and will already be able to clearly demonstrate why all this was started.

    What's new this time? This time, the emphasis was on creating everything necessary for a complete installation of Livestreet in a few clicks and almost complete control of the engine from the MODX admin panel, namely:
    • Livestreet file sources (full section, modLivestreet plugin, uploads folder). Now you don’t have to look for a long time where what lies, and there you can manage Livestreet files through the admin panel
    • Templates for MODX to display the main Livestreet, any Livestreet documents, Any MODX documents in two variations (in two columns with a news feed in the right block, and in one column without a sidebar).
    • A pair of chunks to break into Livestreet's templating

    In general, in many ways, the module is already ready to use it.

    Under the cutter, a more complete list of changes and a demo video.

    The latest version of the package can be downloaded here .

    List of changes.

    1. A hook has been added to the plugin for Livetreet, adding a modLivestreet.html_head_begin chunk
        function html_head_begin(){
            return '[[$modLivestreet.html_head_begin]]';

    A tag is registered in this chunk />, but you can write a metaX snippet or something like that instead.
    Although metaX isn’t in a hurry yet, because for him all the pages of Livestreeet are now in the headings.
    For its correct operation, it is necessary to produce MODX documents for all LS sections. Not an option. It is better to write an updated package.
    metaX is the first candidate for migration, because I really like it :-)

    2. Added 4 templates:
    1. modLivestreet.MainPage - to display the Livestreet main page
    (critical if the Livestreet section is not at the root of the site)
    2. modLivestreet.Default - to display all pages of Livestreet
    3. modLivestreet.Modx - to display the contents of real MODX pages.
    Livestreet feed is also displayed on the page.
    4. modLivestreet.ModxNoSidebar - the same as template 2, only without a news feed.

    3. Added file sources:
    1. Livestreet - Fully livestreet site directory
    2. LivestreetUploads - Livestreet downloadable static files
    directory 3. modLivestreetPlugin - modLivestreet plugin directory for Livestreet
    Now these sources just add more manageability,
    but in general you can assign individual content managers or Allow access
    to these sections.

    4. Added a couple of chunks for managing the template

    5. There are many nice amenities, such as managing static
    Livestreet files , editing templates, etc.

    This time I hope to hear at least constructive questions and wishes.

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