Release 11th Asterisk

    At the final day of the Astricon 2012 conference, October 25, the release of the 11th version of Asterisk, which has the status of LTS, was announced, support is promised until October 2017. The version is available for download from , so far only in source code.

    Of the most notable innovations:
    • WebRTC support (calls from the browser, native)
    • logging call ID in each line of all log files
    • new Jingle / Google Talk driver (chan_motif)
    • support for custom codecs, generating / parsing SDP parameters

    Full list - Watch a

    video demonstrating a call to Asterisk IVR from a browser from 4:23 :

    As for the codecs, we have in mind support for such constructions in SDP:

    a=rtpmap:108 AMR/8000
    a=fmtp:108 mode-set=0,2,5,7;mode-change-neighbor=1;mode-change-period=2
    a=rtpmap:102 AMR/8000
    a=fmtp:102 mode-set=0,2,5,7

    By the way, the AMR NB codec is not part of the Asterisk, but there are patches that have been adapted for version 11 using the new SDP parsing capabilities.

    Have you tried the new Asterisk?

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