Windows Upgrade Offer started distributing promotional codes

    As you probably already know, there is a rather interesting offer from Microsoft, the Windows Upgrade Offer . Its meaning is that if you purchased a computer or laptop with Windows 7 on board, and any version other than Starter, from June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013, then you will most likely be able to take advantage of the offer to upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for only 469 rubles. I recommend looking at the site for more details. I was interested in this proposal because I had a version of Windows 7 Home Basic, x86. But I really wanted a 64-bit one - because I increased the memory to 6GB. In addition, the professional will obviously be more interesting.

    Of course, it would be great to set screenshots, but personal data is everywhere, so I will limit myself to an oral description. I registered in the program about two months ago, indicated what kind of model it was, where and when I bought it, and so on.

    It frightened me that my 32-bit version could not be updated to 64, and I couldn’t find any definite answers. Technical support scared with answers that you first need to upgrade to 32-bit Windows 8, and then, after waiting for the DVD disc (for extra money), reinstall it cleanly. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with that. Today, without waiting for an email, I went in with my order code and saw that I was waiting for a promotional code for the purchase, and a brief description of the acquisition procedure. In order to buy Windows 8, you must first download the update assistant. Launched, he ran a laptop, said that several programs are incompatible. Yes, and it wasn’t really necessary, I’m going to rearrange it under 0. In the end, you have an offer to buy an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for 1290r. We agree! We enter personal data, then enter the data of the plastic card for payment. At this moment, I was very tense, because it looked like they would write me off 1290r, and somewhere I missed the promo code. Fortunately, nothing happened. Finally, we have a long-awaited place to enter our code. We introduce it, and the price changes to 469r. A completely different matter! Upon completion of the purchase, you will be given a key, and a letter of congratulations appears in the mailbox with the same key. Be sure to save it, it will still be useful to us. After that, the update download begins. I thought that this is not our method, therefore, interrupted it, formatted the disk, and started installing MSDN of the Russian version of Windows 8 Pro x64. There is no drive in my laptop, so I used a great deviceZalman VE 200 . Everything went without problems, and Windows activated. Now I am one of the first owners of licensed 8th Windows. At the same time I got rid of the memory limitations of the 32-bit version. It seems to me that you can upgrade for such a price, even if you are an ardent fan of pirated releases. Especially if you have a home version of Windows 7, as I had. Good luck!

    Add-on from LeeMiller
    If anyone does not have MSDN, and if an error has occurred after placing the order that it is not possible to check the time, just
    1. Go to the mail and in the letter Thanks for ordering Windows 8 (order # xxx), at the very bottom of the letter it says “Access” in small print your account online. ”
    2. Fill in the data they ask
    3. At the bottom of the copy of the invoice will be the link "Click here to download Windows 8."

    Add-on from PavelPV the
    distribution of elephants continues or Media Center is free,
    here it is proposed to get a key to activate MC (the term of the promotion is limited).

    Supplement from vitalyswipe
    Licensing Windows 8: answers to frequently asked questions. Removed Windows

    loading on my laptop, booting from SSD, UEFI bootloader

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