Half of the reports of the TechEd 2012 conference published, wait for the second half after // BUILD /

    It is very important for us that the conference participants learn its contents as early as possible in order to plan their time and participation. At the same time, our goal is to provide TechEd with the latest information and announcements.
    On October 30, the BUILD 2012 global conference will be held at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond , the speakers and organizers of which will speak at TechEd Russia and which will significantly affect the TechEd Russia 2012 program. Great news for all Russian specialists - speakers will speak at TechEd Russia 2012 and the organizers of the BUILD conference with their reports on key topics - Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. Windows 8 will light up Drew Robbins

    - Director of the expert group on client OS and tools, Microsoft. At Microsoft, as the director of a team of experts on client operating systems and software development tools, Drew Robbins helps developers use the latest technology to create the best Windows applications. Drew spoke to developers many times around the world, telling how to use Visual Studio to develop platforms such as Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

    Windows Phone will be covered by world-famous expert, author of popular books and Windows Phone Product Manager at Microsoft - Larry Liberman. Larry Lieberman is a product manager for the Windows Phone Application Platform. Lari coordinates the creation and publication of all types of materials devoted to the development of applications and games for Windows Phone, including training documentation for developers, labs, videos, recordings of speeches, etc. Lari is an invaluable source of information about the new Microsoft mobile platform, and he will share with pleasure this information at the TechEd Russia conference.

    From Windows Azure point of view, a unique team of key experts and key development managers will come to TechEd Russia in Russia, starting with Scott Guthrie and Mark Russinovich, which we already wrote about, as well as the legendary Dmitry Robsman- Development Director, Windows Azure Application Platform; and Slava Kavsan, Windows Azure Security Development Manager.

    In order to simultaneously give you detailed information about the conference program and to ensure the availability of the latest and most up-to-date reports that cannot be announced before the BUILD conference, we publish half of the sessions for your familiarization. We do not yet fully publish tracks for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, as they will be especially related to the new reports presented on BUILD. Also, so far, a limited number of published round tables and laboratory work.
    The publication of the final conference schedule and the launch of the schedule builder is expected in early November immediately after the BUILD conference.

    And now, a bonus to everyone who has read to the end :)
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