Brian Eno Scape Music for iPad

Original author: Nathan Ingraham
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Composer and producer Brian Eno, ambient master, has done a lot in his 40-year career, but one of his most famous musical features is incredibly minimalistic sound images. Not all of them are delighted, but those who love ambient should like the new Ino application - Scape. The application, co-authored by musician and programmer Peter Chilvers, allows users to put together a variety of shapes, backgrounds and color schemes - each element with its own sound - to create your own visual and sound picture. The creation of such music in no way resembles playing music in the usual sense for us: everything is based on abstract images and their sounds, and not on instruments. Each form (called the Element in the application) has its own special sound, hidden musical rules, so creating music in this application, in general,

This means that it is practically impossible to create the conceived composition correctly, but the entertainment in Scape consists in observing how the various parts work together, and you just need to forget about full control to enjoy the new application. The application starts with a relatively small palette of sounds, but the more you create, the more it offers - after a few minutes, it’s just interesting to wait for the following elements that the application will offer you. For more inspiration, Eno and Chilvers offer a complete music album recorded using the application and which can be played in it. It consists of the widest sound palette and invites you to explore Scape in their search.

The application has many other interesting features, such as, for example, collecting together Scape playlists (to create a consistent perfect composition in the style of ambient music), send your songs by mail, use Airplay to play.

If you are a fan of minimalist music, then Scape is a great way to quickly and easily do it. On the shoulders of such masters as Eno and Chilvers, it has become easier to enter the world of beautiful music. It should , however, for the iPad app as much as $ 5.99, so here is necessary to assess their needs and capabilities.

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