We connect fonts even faster

    Welcome all.
    Not more than 3 months ago, I wrote about my idea to make a convenient site with a convenient selection of fonts and their equally convenient connection.
    Then it was possible to collect about two dozen fonts, partly completely dismiss, because they turned out to be paid and put everything in the public domain with a certain hope that it would be useful to anyone other than me.
    For about a month and a half, I carefully looked at the statistics. And she showed that the site began to use.
    As a result, I moved the site to a separate domain and began to replenish the fonts.
    What is now.


    • Since moving to its own domain (August 28), a little more than two thousand people have visited the site.
    • It was possible to identify a dozen sites that directly pull fonts from WebFont.ru.
    • Fonts downloaded almost 430 times (the most popular is Cuprum)
    • They sent about a dozen fonts, but almost all were paid. Nevertheless, I want to express my gratitude for the activity shown.
    • Two comments were written on the site, one with a problem, and the second with a recommendation.
    • Tweeted the site 9 times :)
    • I do not consider comments and messages on a habr

    And all this time the reference mass has been growing.

    I must say that I did not really expect that someone would need a site and made it literally on my knee, not really thinking about ease of use. And the problems were obvious.
    Since mid-September, I began to rework it and now I am ready to present you the latest version of the site - webfont.ru .

    What is done

    Some kind of cataloging

    Now all fonts are divided alphabetically and by type (with serifs \ without, handwritten, monospaced, decorative)

    Fonts Added

    At the time of writing, there are 51 font-family in ~ 150 styles on the site. A few more fonts are waiting in the wings.
    Just want to ask everyone not to be shy and delve into their bins. Maybe you have a good free font, send it to WebFont, help the common cause;)

    Traffic reduction

    More or less optimized display fonts for viewing. Now the user does not fall out a huge css with inserts in base64.
    Fonts are compressed by gzip and caching is configured. We are not going to stop here and will continue to work on optimizing the load / load. Digging is still where.


    Since there were more than 10 or 20 fonts, it became impossible to use snippets that were written for automation. When turning, more than 100 lines of code fell out.
    The issue was resolved dramatically - a plug-in for Sublime Text 2 was written. It first loads the entire list of fonts and displays the following window:

    When you click on a line with the font name, an import line and a font-family set for this font are inserted on the current page. At the top of the window is the line "* update the list of fonts." When you click on it, in a split second, the entire list will be updated and you will have the current version of all site fonts. Because Since fonts do not appear every 10 minutes, we decided to dwell on just such an implementation.
    From day to day, the plugin should appear in Package Control.
    The plugin for the site was written by Alexander Solodovnikov ( dbc2h ). For which
    many thanks to him :) For NotePad ++ have not done anything yet, sorry.

    In addition, one user script was written and presented on the hub. It works with fonts from WebFont. Soon we will finish it with the author, and he will serve as a tool for selecting fonts on any site.


    As I wrote above, contrary to my warnings, the site started pulling fonts directly from the site. Consequently, the load on the hosting has increased. It was necessary to think something. I decided to contact my hoster, whom I have been sitting with for four years, and ask for a little space and memory and all that. Suddenly quickly received approval to support the project.
    In general, the site lives on and does not bother much yet.

    That's all about the innovations.
    The site works, fonts are replenished, they are used.
    Another Twitter account has appeared . I chose it as a platform for site news, it is there that all the news, announcements, etc. will now appear.


    I really thank my comrades and our colleagues in the workshop: Alexriz , sigma77 , Svatov for advice, help, advice and feedback. And also all those who were not indifferent to the project, wrote articles on their blogs, called the site an analogue of google / webfonts, talked about the support of domestic manufacturers - you are inspiring! :)

    Colleagues, I ask you to express your opinions, wishes, mistakes, inaccuracies, recommendations, bugs.
    The task is to make the most convenient service for connecting / using web fonts.

    Thanks for attention.

    upd 10.24.12 The plugin is available in Package Control. Search by name - WebFont.
    upd 11/22/12 Vkontakte page is open - vk.com/webfont

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