A small photo report from CEATEC Japan 2012

    It so happened that I was lucky to visit one of the largest exhibitions of electronics and information technology - CEATEC Japan 2012. The
    exhibition is held from 2.10.2012 to 6.10.2012. So one of you still has a chance to get there! :)

    I’ll warn you right away, I can’t leave a comment for each photo, because for the most part I took a picture and looked rather than asked the Japanese about their exhibits (by the way, very many did not speak English and the handout was not duplicated in English). In addition, now I have the 3rd-4th o'clock in the morning on my watch, and it’s very problematic to paint everything. When I go to the Internet the next time - it is unknown, but because I want the information to be more or less "fresh", I publish a slightly damp material.
    Two months later, I still found the time and energy to complete a little more and, if possible, comment on the photos. Better late than never! :)
    Therefore, a small photo report under the cut.

    Warning traffic!

    I apologize for the curvature in the form of a blurry focus and a littered horizon in some photos. Very in a hurry: the exhibition is big, but not enough time!

    It was possible to get to the event by pre-registration, although I think it was also possible to register during the exhibition. To enter the hall with exhibits, as well as to receive any small freebies (soft toys, product samples, handouts mainly in Japanese, etc.) that were handed out at the exhibition, a printed ticket with a bar code was needed, as a result of which then spam in Japanese poured into the mail. :) At the entrance there were such racks with badges for tickets.

    There were several stands with some kind of voltage converters. No idea what, but for some reason I liked them.

    A very interesting and spectacular experiment was shown by Fujikura. Apparently, this experience clearly shows the Meissner effect .

    The ball levitated.

    The number of new electric vehicles per square. km here is off scale!

    Nice Japanese women were distributing various kinds of freebies, about which I wrote a little higher. For this they asked to give them a scan of the barcode on the ticket. Many were not allowed to take photos, so I had to shoot them a little from the other side. :)

    This is a machine for the automatic assembly of the necessary loops (stacks the wires in the connectors). We were very lucky that one of the company’s representatives was a Russian woman - Irina. She talked a little about the machine, and also told that their company was going to enter the Russian market. If anyone needs contacts, write in a personal email, I'll look, they should have stayed.

    It was very sad to watch the sad faces of these girls, and sometimes we approached and took unnecessary Japanese waste paper in order to see their smiles and narrowed eyes and hear a nice thin voice.

    This robot, apparently, is already used in some medical institutions in Japan. He is needed in order to move the disabled person from the bed to the stroller.

    This is a very interesting device, which, unfortunately, I could not test - there was a turn and I did not want to lose time, which was very small. The bottom line, as I understand it, is to help a person lift heavy loads, while reducing the load on his back and spine.

    Dancing robots by TOSY Robotics.

    Another electric car.

    Huawei presented its products, apparently, this is the recently released MediaPad 10 FHD (I can’t say for sure, I was not interested).

    A whole section on green energy and related technologies is presented.

    It shows how thermal cameras can be used in data centers.

    I was pleased (personally me) that the included software is written in LabVIEW, which allows you to use these sensors for your specific needs.

    There were also several VoIP booths: companies present their solutions in this area.

    Very interesting multifunctional massagers.

    Drive controllers.

    Pretty, interesting robot: it repeats the movements in the wake of the human hand.

    The photo is hard to see, but * nix commands were displayed on the monitor.

    Nissan LEAF is the first 5-seater mass-produced electric car (as I was told at the NISSAN factory in Yokohama). I want to note that in serial production there are also left-hand drive models, which are intended for the countries of Europe and the USA. But its price is not very happy.

    I don’t remember exactly, but it seems like the company is engaged in solutions for the transmission of electricity at a distance by electromagnetic induction. In a specific case, charging a mobile phone, like the Nokia Lumia 920.

    At the exhibition, a lot of FPGA options were presented.

    And I saw these robots at the E-LROB 2012 exhibition and competition. A sapper robot in the middle (if I'm not mistaken).

    And the intelligence robot (right).

    Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 770. The approximate cost for us is ~ 24 tr.

    And there are still a few electric cars and charging stations! :)

    That's all!
    I liked the exhibition! Unfortunately, I did not manage to get to some interesting programs of the event (for example, a test drive of electric cars).
    This photo report is just a small part of CEATEC Japan that I can show you.

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