RIM releases PlayBook OS 2.1 update for its tablet

    The Canadian company RIM recently released an OS update to version 2.1 for its PlayBook tablet. The new version of the system, by the way, was available as a beta version since May 31.


    The volume of downloaded updates varies depending on the region and is, on average, 320-350 Mb. After installing it, it is recommended to restart the PlayBook again in order to get rid of possible errors.

    The list of OS innovations currently known:

    - The Messaging (mail), Calendar, and Contacts applications have acquired support for portrait display mode;

    - The updated BlackBerry Bridge allows you to connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your tablet via Wi-Fi, as well as receive and send SMS messages to the PlayBook;

    - Improved support for Android-applications: now they are launched each in its own window, support for cameras and internal purchases (in-app payments) has appeared;

    - Improving the browser allowed to increase the result of HTML5 Test to 393 points. Also, according to many users, it began to work faster;

    - The Print-to-Go function now allows you to transfer documents from a computer to a tablet, even if both devices are connected to different Wi-Fi networks;

    - Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of JPG;

    - On the page of a program or game in App World, the name of the developer is now a filter link, with a tap on which all his applications open;

    - If the tablet automatically increases the screen brightness to the maximum depending on the lighting, the brightness adjustment slider is blocked.

    In general, it is also worth noting slightly reduced tablet restart time, more free RAM after switching on, and also shorter launch time for particularly voluminous games:

    PlayBook OS reboot - 3:14 min, free RAM - 572 MB, loading of the game Dead Space - 33 seconds

    PlayBook OS reboot - 3:04 min, free RAM - 593 MB, download Dead Space - 24 sec.

    Below I offer you a few screenshots illustrating the changes and innovations:






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